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⁉️Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between Pallo and other accounting software?

Most accounting software is built for accountants, not freelancers. Pallo is easier to use and more automated. You can also do accounting for multiple businesses, manage your personal finances, and file your personal federal and state taxes all within a single Pallo account!

Can I file my taxes with Pallo?

Yes! You can now file your state and federal taxes with Pallo, with a maximum refund guarantee, audit support, and accuracy guarantee.

Can I write Pallo off as an expense?

Absolutely! Pallo can be written off as a business expense.

Is my data in Pallo encrypted?

Yes, your data is always encrypted. Pallo is hosted on the most secure cloud services used by 80% of the Fortune 500 (AWS and Azure), which use the same level of encryption as your bank.

Is my data in Pallo private?

Yes, your data is private and secure. Unlike many other finance applications, which generate revenue by selling users' data to third-party companies, we created Pallo with the focus of empowering you and do not sell your data to third-parties for them to then market products to you.

Does Pallo see my bank login info & credentials?

No, Pallo only pulls in your transactions via our partner, Plaid. Pallo cannot move money into or out of your account through this connection.

Is Pallo a bank?

No, Pallo is a smart tool for you to do all your accounting, taxes and other financial analysis in one easy-to-use application. You cannot currently move money into or out of your accounts from within Pallo.

What can I do with Pallo?

Pallo is the first all-in-one accounting, personal finance, and tax filing application designed for you to be able to reduce the number of subscriptions you need to take control of your finances. You can use Pallo for business and personal accounting and bookkeeping, invoicing, budgeting, mileage tracking, time tracking, finding and tracking your tax deductions, filing taxes, spending insights and more!