How to reconcile / categorize transactions

How to reconcile / categorize transactions

March 17, 2023

Click Transactions to Categorize:

Go to the Actions screen or Transactions screen

You'll see a tab / action that says "Transactions to categorize"

Click on it

Swipe & set up configurations:

Swipe right for personal

When you swipe left for the first time you'll be asked to set up your 'swipe gestures', this means you can customize what swiping, up, down, left and right means to you. It also means you can reconcile for up to 3 businesses and personal all in one swipe.

Once you have set this up for the first time you can change this at any time from settings.

Learn more here.

Group & filter:

To make reconciliation easier, you can use the filter function in the top right of the reconciliation screen. You can either filter transactions by by vendor, bank account and many other options, or you can group your transactions.

If you group transactions by vendor, it means when you swipe you will be reconciling all of those transactions belonging to that vendor in a single swipe.

The number in the top left of the transaction card is the number of transactions being represented by that card.

The number in the middle of the transaction card (when transactions are grouped) represents the sum of all of the transactions represented by that transaction card. I.e. if there are 3 transactions, one for +$500 and two for -$100 the number in the middle will be +$300.

If you want to reconcile for a particular vendor but want to reconcile each transaction individually we recommend not grouping transactions but instead filtering by vendor.

You can learn more about grouping transactions in this article here

Add tags:

You can add tags to transactions to help you organize your finances. This will help you filter transactions later to see all transactions related to a specific, project, client, trip or any other reason for tagging transactions.

If you need to get reimbursed for transactions by clients, you will be able to search transactions by tag when creating your invoice so you can easily find those transactions and add them to your invoice.

What category to choose:

Pallo's AI will automatically suggest what category any given transaction belongs to.

Pallo will always provide two suggestions, one for a personal category, and another for a business category.

If you swipe for the transaction to be personal, Pallo will categorize that transaction as belonging to the personal category it has suggested.

If you swipe for the transaction to be business, Pallo will categorize that transaction as belonging to the business category it has suggested.

If you think the category(s) that has been suggested is wrong, you can click on the (i) at the bottom of the screen. This will show you all the possible business and personal categories available to you. Each category has an (i) section to help you choose which category is right for that transaction.

Once you have selected the correct category for that transaction, you will then need to swipe to confirm. If you have selected a business transaction you will only be able to swipe business, if you have selected a personal transaction you will only be able to swipe personal.

Can I change the category and tags later?:

Yes, you will be able to edit things like category, tags and more within the transaction screen.

To do this go to the transactions screen from the main menu.

Find the transaction you want to edit (either scrolling or use the filter function).

Click on the transaction. You will then be able to see & edit the transaction details.