How to find tax savings with Pallo

Pallo will help you reduce your tax bill

March 20, 2023

Step 1) Set up your tax profile

You can do this by going to the tax tab

Click on the area that says "Estimated Refund" "Get Started"

Complete the short quiz which will help Pallo find the right deductions for you.

Step 2) Click where it says "More write-offs found!"

Below where it says "More write-offs found!" Pallo shows you all the transactions that are presently listed as tax deductions in your Pallo account (they are already reconciled as business transactions).

Step 3) Swipe left for business right for personal

Each transaction that you swipe for business (provided that business is a sole-prop or unincorporated) will appear in your tax dashboard as a tax deduction and count towards your tax savings.

Step 4) Watch your deductions and tax savings going up!