Pallo: All-in-One Financial Management

Elevate Your Business and Personal Finances

As a freelancer, side-hustler, or small business owner, Pallo's finance management platform provides financial clarity, tools for immediate challenges, and support for your long-term financial prosperity.

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ThePallo Difference

What makes Pallo more powerful than accounting or money management software

Pallo is the first all-in-one personal and business finance application designed specifically for the self-employed. This means that Pallo caters to the financial needs of individuals who work for themselves - from those with outside employment and a side-hustle, to full-time freelancers, to owners of one or more small businesses. What sets Pallo apart is its seamless integration of features that are typically found in separate apps. By combining these features into one platform, Pallo eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions and tools, saving you both money and the hassle of managing various applications.

What you can expect when you put Pallo to work for you

Pallo was created by entrepreneurs with decades of experience in self-employment and small business growth. From overcoming start-up challenges to entering into new markets or business opportunities, Pallo's capabilities scale as your business grows, empowering you with tools to address new challenges and opportunities.

With Pallo, you receive visibility across one or more businesses, your personal finances and the ability to manage a wide range of financial tasks in a single product. It offers features such as budgeting for all aspects of your life, accounting and bookkeeping capabilities, invoicing, mileage tracking, time tracking, receipt management and more.

Additionally, Pallo provides tools that help find and maximize your tax deductions, file your taxes, and gain valuable insights and recommendations regarding your overall financial situation.

Data Protection, Bank-Level Security and Complete Privacy

Your data is always encrypted, private and secure. Pallo is hosted on the most secure cloud services used by 80% of the Fortune 500 (AWS and Azure) and provides bank-level encryption and security. Your account provides several advanced security features, including mobile phone number verification, a secure password, and inactivity time-out requiring a self-selected 6-digit pin or (optionally on supported devices) a biometric confirmation to unlock.

When you allow Pallo to connect to one or more of the over 12,000 financial institutions we securely support through Plaid, only your transactions are pulled in. Pallo cannot move money into or out of your account through this connection. And, although Pallo accelerates payments by providing your clients quick access to the payment method(s) you choose right from their invoice, Pallo does not hold or have access to these payments.

Finally, unlike many other financial applications which generate revenue by selling user data, Pallo was created with the focus of empowering you and does not sell your data to third-parties.

Consultation & Coaching from Self-Employment Experts

At Pallo, our founders have firsthand experience in the challenges and opportunities of freelancing and small business ownership. We understand that success goes beyond finances; it involves both financial and non-financial decisions you make every day in your personal and business life.

That's why we didn't just create a product for financial support. We built a community of entrepreneurs who share their knowledge and support each other.

In addition, we have subject matter experts in various self-employment areas. We actively participate in coaching and consultation calls tailored to your industry, market, or specific needs. Unlike traditional coaches that require large upfront investments, Pallo offers an introductory call to maximize your experience. Paid subscribers also receive multiple coaching sessions annually based on their Pallo plan, with additional coaching support available when needed.

Pallo provides the expertise, support, and community you need to navigate self-employment successfully.

Why people like you love Pallo

"It just saves me so much time to be able to manage everything from one place!"
Elliot D.
“This has made it so easy for me to get on with my work and not worry as much about my money.”
Jane Holt
Universal Music Group
“This is the only invoice app where I had so much freedom on how to get paid and it didn't take an additional fee for that. 100% would recommend.”
Erin Cage
Social Media Manager

Set and track your business and personal budgets with Pallo to make sure you’re saving for a better future for yourself and your business at the same time. It’s easy, stress-free, and effective. Learn More.

Pallo consolidates multiple financial institution information into a streamlined view, enabling you to see and manage your accounting, finances and taxes for your business and personal money in one place. Learn More.

Make a good impression on your clients with beautiful invoices, and get paid how you want: accept payment via Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, ACH, and more! Add expenses and time tracked with one tap. Learn More.

Take pictures of your receipts as you spend and Pallo will store and match them to the correct transaction for you. It's fast and easy! Learn More.

Capture both billable and non-billable time while you're working or by adding it after the fact. Include your rate(s) and track to an on-going project or add to an invoice with just a tap. Learn More.

Turn on auto-tracking and let Pallo track each of your driving trips for you. Business trips can be easily included on an invoice for reimbursement and Pallo will calculate non-reimbursable business mile tax deductions for you. Learn More.

Visualize your spending habits and categories and receive Smart Insights into how you're tracking to your budget(s) and where to optimize for specific goals or tax-savings. Learn More.

Track your potential tax deductions year-round from your connected back accounts and business related expenses. Pallo even works to prepare and file your self-employed and personal taxes, making it even easier to ensure you get the best tax outcome for your situation. Learn More.