All of this and more, in one app

Say goodbye to multiple products and subscriptions. Say hello to cost and time efficiency. Pallo is all you need to manage your money in a single product.

Accounting for multiple businesses

Reconcile and produce accounting reports for multiple businesses in a single Pallo account.

Smart money insights

Track spending habits, your credit score and see where your money is coming from.

Maximize tax deductions

Pallo will help you find those tax deductions all year around.

Send & manage invoices

Create smart and beautiful invoices in seconds. Get reimbursed for expenses and more!

Personal and business budgets

Set and track business and personal budgets. Set goals and beat them!

All your finances in one place

View all your transactions across all of your personal and business bank accounts.

Track mileage

Drive for work? Track your miles using Pallo and get deductions at the end of the year.

Track time

Hourly worker? Track your time in Pallo and easily add those hours to invoices.

Even more, coming soon

Tax Dashboard

Understand your tax estimates all year around. Find tax deductions and save money!

Credit Score

Track your credit score, find out when it changes, make sure to stay on top of it!

Pallo for Web

Your favourite finance, accounting and tax platform is coming to web very soon!


Want to take your freelancing career to the next level?

Being a champion of your finances will lead to sustainable growth and maximum tax savings.
Gone are the days of storing receipts in a shoebox and batching excel work at the end of the year.

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Pallo puts your finances on autopilot

Know where you stand and what it will take to achieve goals.
Gain insight to make optimal decisions throughout the year.
Maximize your tax deductions on daily basis.
Get paid faster and grow faster. All in a single app.

For Freelancers
by Freelancers

We're a team of freelancers, solo-preneurs, and self-employed individuals pursuing our own dreams. We knew we wanted to improve our relationship with money, but we kept running into the same problem: Accounting and tax tools are too complicated.

We've built an app and community of 100k people like us to become champions of
our finances,
help each other find jobs, and grow together.

Alicia G - Freelance Designer

"As an early user of Pollo, I got to know the team well. They really understood me cause they've been in my shoes!"


All user data is encrypted and isolated with multi-level permission checks.

Smart & Secure

Real time transaction notifications and smart insights keep you in control.


We don't sell your personal information and we protect your privacy at every step.

Join the freelance movement and
take control of your finances!

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Join thousands of go getters like you in taking their finances to the next level

Connect with thousands of like minded freelancers



Hundreds of $ in Benefits

We've worked hard to get you discounts at great brands to help you in your career.

Get Freelance Jobs

Pallo and community members are always posting jobs to help you get your next gig.

Advice from Professionals

Get advice and learn from over 100k experienced freelancers in our community.

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